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From a rough idea to a polished Logotype

Vincent has been always an outside-the-box thinker. When he launched Supple and Sage, he knew he how important is to communicate the core values of an organization through a symbolic graphic. He then contacted us to create the brand and marks from scratch. We then had a conversation, defined those values, created a list with images to represent such things and designed an iconic logotype.

I’, not going to lie, narrowing down a very broad concept to a simple icon wasn’t easy. It took a lot of drawing, thinking, iterating until we finally delivered the desired solution.

The satisfaction and surprise we got from Vince and his team continues to inspire us to help more people like him, those who look to do the best and do it right.

Eder did a great job on our logo. We came to him with a rough idea of what we wanted for our design. He was able to get our thoughts into a concept. From there he brought the logo to life with an excellent design. He was easy to work with and delivered the project with a fast turnaround time. My team is extremely pleased with our new logo.
— Vince Jackson | Supple and Sage Inc CEO
Eder Enciso